Al-Rakeb Provides Solutions for Customer to Eliminate Tripping
((Diesel Generator + Smart Diesel Tank))
The Advantages Offered by Al-Rakeb Company are The Following Key Points:
  1. 1-Remote Monitoring and Control from customer head office: Implement a centralized system that enables remote monitoring and managing generator & Tank status at all sites, This includes real-time data collection and the ability to adjust operations as needed.
  2. 2-Fuel Quality Assurance: Our system is equipped with a probe capable of detecting the water percentage in the fuel Smart Tank, making it easy to identify poor-quality fuel. To avoid manipulation.
  3. 3-Leak Prevention and Environmental Impact: Our system involved a UL142 aboveground flammable liquid tanks secondary containment aboveground tanks for flammable and combustible liquids to prevent any direct leaks to the ground. Within the secondary containment, a leak sensor is installed. In the event of a leak from the primary containment, the sensor sends a signal to the leak console, which triggers an alarm, this will help you avoid potential fines or penalties imposed by the public authority of environment Kuwait.
  4. 4-Optimizing Fuel Transportation: Utilize data from the ATG system to make data-driven decisions about when and how much fuel to transport. Consider on-site storage capacity and scheduling for more efficient fuel transportation, which can result in cost savings.
  5. 5-Anti-Theft Measures: Integrate advanced security systems, such as cameras, alarms, and access controls, to deter and prevent fuel theft, safeguarding your valuable resources..
  6. 6-Minimizing Power Failure: Enhance generator maintenance schedules and establish a rapid response plan in case of generator failure to reduce downtime and minimize power disruptions. Additionally, the diesel notification for low-level and very low-level conditions will help prevent generator shutdown due to an empty diesel tank.
  7. 7-Utilizing ATG for Reporting: Leverage the ATG system to generate fuel consumption reports (daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly) to facilitate data analysis and decision-making for fuel management.
  8. 8- Site Maintenance Service at customer Area location.
  9. 9- Product Link: Connect with Product Link for Improved Fleet Management Cat® Product Link™ wirelessly connects you to your equipment giving you valuable insight into how your machine or fleet is performing. Information such as location, hours, fuel usage, productivity, idle time, and diagnostic codes are made available through online web applications so that you can make timely, fact-based decisions to maximize efficiency, improve productivity, and lower the cost of owning and operating your fleet. Available with satellite or cellular connectivity Track Asset Data & Utilization , Install & Integrate with Ease , Choose Preferred Wireless Communication Technology.
  10. 10- New Generators Enclosure / caterpillar
  11. 11- Original Spare Parts: Cat Generator Spare Parts: Reliable and efficient components for uninterrupted power supply. Engineered to the highest standards, these genuine parts ensure optimal performance and longevity. With a wide range of filters, belts, hoses, and electrical components, they minimize downtime and maximize productivity. Trust Cat's authorized dealers for easy accessibility and expert support. Invest in Cat Generator Spare Parts for reliable power solutions. Quality assurance , Increased durability, Optimal performance.
  12. 12- Service Truck: Our service truck is equipped with an air compressor, oil suction system, and a small workshop for diesel generator maintenance. It offers compressed air for various applications, facilitates clean oil changes, and provides a dedicated space for efficient generator servicing.
  13. 13- Al-Rakeb Certificates: UL 142, IEC 60079-14, EN 1090-2, ISO 3834-2, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, KCO Category 76, Kuwait Fire Force, Public Authority for Industry.